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If you need to get in contact with us the best way to do so would be the following:

1) Like our Facebook Page.

-Following us on Facebook will allow you to partake in show segments like "Whale's Quick Draw" and also tag us in any fan created media you happen to make (we love fan art/photoshopped images!)

2) Send us an e-mail at contact (@) allgengamers (.) com 

-If you have an audio question or audio comment this is the best way to send them in to us. If you are the owner of a professional business, company, website, or member of the media, this is the best means of getting in contact with us without worrying about your message getting lost in the shuffle.

3) Follow us on Twitter

-Be sure to follow us on Twitter for updates on episodes and fun gaming activity. We definitely do appreciate retweets and support for the show on there!

Ways you should NOT get in contact with us:

- YouTube PM's are definitely not an optimal way of asking us a question, Youtube PM's have never been a good way to contact any of us, and even tho we are all active on YouTube, the message system is terrible, and we will NOT get your message.

-YouTube channel page comments are extremely disorganized and hard to keep track of, we appreciate the interaction with comments related to our videos, but any AGG question, don't send them there.