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Name: Pete Dorr

Position: Co-Host & Website Manager

Youtube Channel: Pete's Game Room 

Facebook Page  , Twitter @PeteDorr , Twitch

Pete loves to spend most of his spare time playing video games and then sharing his impressions with his subscribers on YouTube. He loves to play all genres of games, especially RPG's and Platformers, though he tends to gravitate towards the quirky/niche type games rather than the big name game franchises. Pete also has a passion for video game related memorabilia and collectibles, specializing in Sonic the Hedgehog. 

Favorite Systems: Playstation 2, Virtual Boy, 3DO, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, DS, Vectrex, Sega Saturn, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo

Favorite Games: ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Rez, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Super Mario 64, Final Fantasy VII & IX, Klonoa, The Dark Spire, Etrian Odyssey (Series), Child of Eden, Skyrum, The Heart Of Darkness, Uncharted 2, Dark Souls, Final Fantasy XI Online, Socom 1 & 2, Mirror's Edge, Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing, Diddy Kong Racing 64, Team Fortress 2, Gitaroo Man, Dark Cloud, Riviera the Promised Land, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Golden Axe 2, Lumines, Power Stone 2, and many more...


 Name: John Lester

Position: Co-Host

Youtube Channel: Gamester81

Gamester81.com , Facebook , Twitter @Gamester81 , Twitch , Instagram

John aka "Gamester" as he is known in the gaming community on YouTube has been playing games for most of his life.  He grew up playing games at a very young age and has a fondness for retro gaming today. Gamester's gaming collection has grown to over 180 unique consoles, and over 1,600 games.  Gamester has a channel on Youtube called "Gamester81" where he reviews his collection, and focuses on both rare and retro items. Gamester resides in the Phoenix, AZ area, and is married to his wife Laura. 


Favorite Systems: NES, SNES, Colecovision, Turbo Grafx 16, and the NEO GEO

Favorite Games:  Street Fighter II, Donkey Kong arcade, FFII (IV), GTAIV, Goldeneye, Super Mario Kart, & Super Mario World  


Name: Jason Heine

Position: Co-Host & Podcast Audio Engineer/Producer

Youtube ChannelThe Emulator Review 

Heine House Entertainment , Facebook , Twitter @HeineHouse , Instagram

Acclaimed Musician/Audio Engineer, Video Game Collector, and Technology Guru are just a few elements that make up Jason Heine. Jason is Responsible for producing the podcast (from Episode 6 and on). Jason has been gaming and collecting since he was a little boy in the mid 80‘s. Being the creator of the popular show “The Emulator Review” on You Tube where he reviews games, consoles and arcades The EMU Review also is the place to catch is popular "Thrift Store Hopping" series! As a profession Jason owns his own business www.HeineHouseEntertainment.com and creates content for indie games as well as produces a local expo "Game On Expo" with business partner Gamester81!

Favorite Systems: Windows/DOS/PC, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Arcade, Playstation 1&2, Nintendo Wii, Game Boy Advance.

Favorite Games: Donkey Kong Country (SNES), Killer Instinct (Arcade), Duke Nukem 3D (PC), Battlefield Bad Company 2 (PC), Mortal Kombat II (Arcade), Mario Tennis 64 (N64), Virtua Racing (PC, PS2), F-Zero (SNES, GBA), Motor Storm (PS3) Micro Machines (NES, N64, PC).


Name: Sexy Ben

Position: Co- Host (Episodes 183+), Community Manager 

Twitter @browland1

"Sexy Ben" as he's known to many, has been part of the gaming community for many years and has been active in the podcasting scene, with his own podcast called Radical Rascals and now as part of All Gen Gamers. He is a lifelong gamer, dating back to his first time picking up a ColecoVision controller in 1983 and having experienced gaming as it's evolved over the years. Anyone who knows him would describe him as a unique character with a penchant for dirty joke and strong opinions, but at the end of the day, he's just another passionate nerd with a gaming habit. He's also Canadian, but we'll forgive him for that. Ben currently lives in Toronto, Canada.  

Favorite Systems: NES, SNES, Playstation 1 & 2, Xbox 360.

Favorite Games:  Final Fantasy IX, Castlevania III & IV, Donkey Kong Country, Ninja Gaiden II, Doom, Silent Hill, Dead Space, Bioshock and Assassin's Creed II.  


Name: Jason Lindsey

Position: Co-Host (Episodes 86-194)

Youtube ChannelMetal Jesus Rocks

The Metal Jesus is a long-haired rocker dude who used to work in the video game industry back in the 90′s at Sierra On-Line (publisher of PC classics like Quest for Glory, King’s Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and much more). Later he was the editor of a professional video game review web site, and dabbled in audio & video production. He loves music and video games with a passion!

Favorite Systems: Crusty old 486 DOS PC, PS2 & Commodore 64 & Atari 2600

Favorite Games:  H.E.R.O. (2600), Planescape Torment (PC), Burnout Revenge (XB), Deus Ex (PC), Mass Effect 2 (X360), Excitebike (NES), Ratchet & Clank (PS2), SSX 3 (PS2), System Shock 2 (PC), Thief Series (PC), Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild (PS2), Ultima IV: Quest for the Avatar (C64), & Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (XB)


Name: Johnny Millennium

Position: Co-Host (Episodes 1-85)

Youtube ChannelHappy Console Gamer 

Creator of the popular YouTube show Happy Console Gamer, Johnny has been gaming since the mid 80s and has a wealth of knowledge and Nostalgia for the past. He is a really big fan of Japanese RPGs, Fighting games in particular. He is also a big fan of most current Gen Games.  


Favorite Systems: Neo Geo AES, Turbo Grafx/Duo/PC Engine, Sega Master System

Favorite Games: The Phantasy Star Series, The Ys Series, Street Fighter Series