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Episode 2: Turbo Grafx 16 & PC Engine, Everything You Want To Know

In this Episode of All Gen Gamers Pete, Gamester, and Johnny are joined by none other than Chris Bucci (AKA spida1a), creator of the popular "Turbo Views" show on YouTube. Chris is a Turbo Grafx expert with incredible knowledge for the system and it's games, owning a complete library of every released US TG-16 title. We discuss the history behind the Tubro Grafx, the different system models available, and personal favorite games. Later in the show we are joined by our surprise second guest Luke Morse (AKA lukemorse1), who resides in Japan and gives us his insight on the PC Engine. Eventually everyone begins to reminisce  about their love for TV shows out of the 80's and 90's, we discuss the games we have been playing, and answer some of the questions our listeners sent in. Thanks for tuning in, we appreciate all of your support for the show thus far!

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Thank you all for your positive support!

The three of us just want to thank you all for the strong support behind the show so far. We went into this knowing that some people would love the idea, but did not really expect such a great turn out of positive feedback after just the first episode. We can't wait to share with you all the content we have coming up in the future, because as you all know we simply love talking about games and this podcast is going to let us vent all of our ideas and opinions in the best way possible by collaborating together.

In terms of our success right now, we are actually being featured in the "New & Noteworthy" section on iTunes for video game podcasts (which is also categorized in with any other "hobby" podcasts as well) which is a huge accomplishment out of all the new podcasts that pop up everyday. This is due to your subscriptions, ratings, and reviews you are kind enough to leave us in iTunes and it would be amazing if we ever cracked the top 5 which would place our logo picture right on the front page of podcasts for video games, which would be huge!

Anyway, I am actually in the middle of editing Episode 2 right now and I must say it is VERY informative, especially if you have ever been interested in the NEC Turbo Grafx systems becuase we have spida1a on as our first guest who is an expert on the system and he provides everything you ever wanted to know about the underdog console (I know I learned a lot). Later on we get a surprise visit from lukemorse1 who gives us some insight into the PC Engine in Japan (what the Turbo Grafx is called in Japan) and it makes for some great listening material. Of course we get off topic a bit later on so if you simply don't care about the TG-16 theres something for you as well, the show is simply more than meets the eye *hint hint* ;)

Right now episode 2 is looking to clock in at around 2.5hours and thats BEFORE I edit in the answers to the questions you guys are asking us on the forum, so we could be looking at a 3+ hour podcast. Stay tuned Episode 2 will be up sometime Wednesday!


Episode 1: Introducing All Gen Gamers!

We start things off with a bang! First we introduce ourselves and why we made this podcast, then we delve into why we started collecting games in the first place which leads us into the topic of how we first discovered and started playing video games. Other topics are brought up the whole way through, such as tips for making a YouTube channel, the joys of receiving a 3DO for Christmas, games we have been playing, and so much more! Our guest this week is Jimmy, "lotsofgames" as he is known on YouTube.

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